How to Hook up with Chubby Chasers for Chubby Singles

Posted by | Apr 7, 2017

hook up with chubby chasersChubby guys don't really want a woman who fetishizes your size. Women tend to be much more forgiving of overweight physiques than men are. So, you will have more luck finding a woman who accepts you than a chubby woman would in finding a man who accepts her. How sad to be involved with someone who wants because of your appearance rather than who you are as a person. Don't seek out female chubby chasers, but rather be charming to all the women you meet.

If a woman is open minded about your physique, you have conquered her by your personality. Just move on and forget about the ones who are unforgiving of your size. There are a lot of fish in the sea, if one gives you the fisheye, cast your net elsewhere. Be brave, be genuine, be interesting and good mannered, and you will achieve success.

Some chubby women have rich experience on chubby dating, they have never had a great deal of difficulty in finding the other half once they put their mind to it. But some slim women who can't seem to connect with anyone.

Finding a mate does take effort and strategy. Your success depends upon two parts: what you put into making yourself a good catch, and seeking out those who would be attracted to you.

Work on yourself first.

  • Clean up any bad habits and personality flaws.
  • Work on your hygiene and style.
  • Expend your mind so that you can be a good conversationalist.
  • Take care of your body and hair; spiff up your clothes and shoes.
  • Perform generosity of spirit: be polite and kind to people.

If you have neither male nor female friends, work on it.

  • Join organisations.
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Get involved in hobbies or sports.
  • Go to social events and learn how to mingle.
  • Fake it until you make it if necessary.
  • Attend cultural events so you'll be well-rounded intellectually.

Put yourself out there every day. It can be painful because you are self-conscious, but do it anyway. It gets easier with practice.

Those friends you make can be social resources for you. If the women are uninterested in dating you, they have other friends. The guys have other female friends. Don't be afraid to ask your friends to help you. Blind dates are the pits, but socializing as a group can enable you to meet other potential dates. You can ask friends to be your wingmen, who can be invaluable assets while socializing. Later your wingmen can critique you.

Online chubby dating sites do work, too, if you are over 25. Under 25, the chubby men outnumber the chubby women, and the women are too fickle. If you are under 25, school is the best place to meet chubby women.

Chubby chasers quit looking in the mirror and disparaging yourself. Make the most of what you are, and be the best you can be. Get on chubby dating sites and have fun.