The Reasons Why Chubby Chasers Like Big Guys

Posted by | Mar 31, 2017

chubby chasers like big guysThere are a lot of women who like big guys in the world, they are self-proclaimed chubby chasers. No matter this kind of women are skinny or plus size, they have faith in their mind and keep it carefully. They think big guys are just so much more attractive to them than skinny guys.

When it comes to skinny guys, if they can see every bone in their body, they won't into that. But they think guys who are fit are fine with them is the best. So they think bigger guys are better than skinny guys in their opinion. But, what are the reasons that chubby chasers like big guys?

They love to eat out

Many chubby chasers love going to new restaurants and eating delicious food indulgently with a guy who isn't watching what you are eating. They sometimes just want to stuff their face with greasy food and they need someone who is going to be right next to her, doing the same thing. A big guy isn't afraid to chow down anytime of the day on some pie, muffin or face cake.

Keeps you warm

Some chubby chasers want to cozy up with a teddy bear not a corpse during winter nights. They would not love to spend tons of money on heating and blankets for a skinny guy. Cuddling with a big guy is the best way to keep warm when they go out to watch games, and big guys sometimes smell like food.

More understanding of weight gain

Big guys aren't really in a position to judge you on your weight. If you gain some weight, actually it is not that big of a deal but guys who are fit might tell you to hit the gym. You also feel more comfortable with your body around each other. If you want to change your body, you guys can do it together without pressure.

Cute nicknames

Big guys are usually cute and funny. It makes creating nicknames pretty awesome because they don't take things so seriously. You can create nickname like "Doughboy", "Fluffy", "Gordo", "Fatso" or "lunchbox" according to your preference.

All about are the reasons why chubby chasers like big guys. If you are a chubby chaser, don't be shame about it. Just be proud to go looking for your ideal chubby singles.