Texting Tips for Avid Chubby Chaser

Posted by ChubbyChaserWebsites.com | Jun 1, 2020

Texting Tips for Avid Chubby ChaserIf you are just like other chubby chasers, you surely want to make your chubby girls like you over text. Well, you can get closer to the result when you use means of communication provided by the chubby chaser websites you are joining.

Whether you have just met her or known her for a while, your odds won't increase if you don't use the chubby chaser sites features maximally. So, let's assume that you have picked the best chubby chaser dating sites on your own. And you have found your targets. What's next?

Make context

It is the easy part. The chubby chaser apps you use allow you to explore the profile of the girl you follow. Through her profile, you will learn a thing or two about her. Make context from what you've found on her profile. This will at least make her attention turn to you.

Poke her

Although you are still a stranger to her, it is about a man who likes women. So, there is nothing wrong about teasing the girl you found on your chubby chaser dating apps. Don't be afraid to tease her. Not only does teasing her make you both laugh, but it will also loosen the tightness and make her more open to you.

Be silly

"Are you serious?" YES and NO. It does not hurt to make fun of yourself. After all, people who join with the chubby chaser dating site are looking for fun factors, right? By making fun of yourself, she will laugh and feel the joy. It is an effective way to synergize your frequency with her. It will also make her guard down.

Make a wild guess

You don't have to be a mentalist to impress your girls on chubby chaser websites. Even when you do the wild guess, although the result is laughable, she won't decrease her respect for you. When she asks something, you can make a wild guess. Sometimes, the laughable answers are the best weapon to win her heart.


Nope, I am not talking about recording your dance video and sharing it with your girl. Nothing like that. But you can dance the text conversation. What I meant was this. When you are texting your girl, give her the challenge. And make a truce. Forbid her to text you if she does not find the answer. Whether she found it or not, she would contact you if she misses you. Believe my tips and you won't regret it.