How to Compliment Your Chubby Girl with Your Humor

Posted by | Jul 23, 2021

Compliment Your Chubby Girl with Your HumorWe all know that humor can bring such joy to the person who enjoys it. If you are one of the chubby chasers, you could agree that using humor is one of the best ways to court someone you meet on chubby dating sites.

If you are interested in chubby dating, you will want to reserve the opportunity to approach any girl you want. One of the strategies can be humor. But it can backfire if you misplace your punt in the conversation.

Here are the tips to avoid the blunder when courting a girl with your humor.

Avoid cliche

Or perhaps, I can say that some low-value humor is cliche. The chubby dating site contains many users. That means it is your competition. When you approach a chubby woman, it is not only you who considers her as an interesting person. Therefore, your girl might already have heard the same words over and over again. So, avoid the low-value humor since it will deplete your chance to get her.

Manners maketh man

It is important to say your humor with courtesy. The chubby dating apps are pretty rough out there. Many dirty languages, dirty tricks, offensive humor, and other abuses easily come from the other guys. You don't want to be one of them. You need to conduct the humor session with the right attitude. Focus on having a good time with the girl. When you have the cue, you could start it.

Make it interactive

Well, it is just like the two-ways communication that you usually do with your crush. You will use the communication tools you find in chubby chaser websites and communicate with the other one. Some guys had made a blunder with the thinking that they are the only "funny" guys. You see. That's what makes them fail. You will have more success rates if you make it as an interactive session. The thing you discuss should be reciprocal. It is no use if the other one is not interested in your topic.

Combine it with teasing

Teasing and humor are perfect combinations you can use in the chubby chaser websites when courting a chubby girl.

The playful teasing can give you the advantage to get closer to her more effectively. Perhaps teasing is a huge challenge for some folks who are not used to it. But once you master it, you will see the honest smiles and laughs from your girl. And when you do read it, that's the cue to bring your chubby chaser dating up to the next level.