The Myth to Be a Chubby Chaser

Posted by | Apr 15, 2017

The Myth to Be a Chubby ChaserSome people would rather date fat people than date thin people. Some other people think it doesn't matter on the size of the people they date. In fact, chubby chasing has been a big trend in recent years. There are many chubby chaser websites for chubby chasers to find their chubby women and chubby guys.

There may be some reasons for larger people have such a preference, like a physical reason, a chemical reason, a societal reason or a psychological reason for that preference. Chubby chasing as a concept is steeped in the idea of other fat people, especially fat women.

Chubby chasing more means that men dating chubby women. However, fat people, especially fat women, have been thought by the cultural zeitgeist. There is enormous pressure for fat people to be either apologetic or defiant for their size at the same time that they're meaning to find a partner, for sex or love or anything else.

There is not a thing wrong with being fat and proud. Fat people make no apologies for their size and no one else should be thin or fat, but thin people aren't asked to apologize for their size on anything resembling a regular basis. The idea of chubby chasing appears on its face to be an attempt to stigmatize men who have a preference that falls outside the accepted norm, and in many ways it is. A man who shows an interest in a fat woman is not expressing a personal preference but committing an unpardonable transgression against manhood and decency and is accordingly branded.

But chubby chasing as a concept isn't really aimed at men. It's one more method of stigmatizing fat women for existing and framing that existence as both morally wrong and entirely disposable. Men project their own ideas of what a fat woman is and should be. It is not uncommon to see fat women talked about as though they appreciate it more. It's not rare for a man to be legitimately surprised to find that a "big girl" would draw attention out of proportion with her attractiveness, as perceived by him.

The idea that we should respect everyone's basic humanity and that our attractions are shaped by something outside ourselves usually sets off (to be kind) a strong defensive reaction. There are trolls everywhere, but trolls aren't created in a vacuum. They often mirror prevailing (if unstated) cultural biases and attitudes. The idea that our judgment of people is based on a criteria that has no real definition and bears no indication of a person's inherent worth is very threatening to those who base their assessments of other people - and often themselves - on such an arbitrary measure as weight.

Chubby chasing is a term firmly grounded in the language of dehumanization and dedicated to the further marginalization of fat people, most especially fat women. Don't be ashamed to be a chubby chaser, you will find your love too.