How to Be a Good Chubby Chaser

Posted by | Aug 23, 2018

How to Be a Good Chubby ChaserIf you are a chubby chaser, or curious about having a chubby chaser dating, you will want to know the tips to make you a good one. But before proceeding, let's have the common ground about the definition of chubby chaser.

Chubby chasers mean people who are attracted to fat people. Many people misunderstand that chubby chaser addresses men who like BBW. It is not true. This does not limit the subject to gender. Whether the person is male, female, gay, or straight, does not come into it.

You might just recently get into this unique world. Some hesitations are reasonable since you need time and process to get familiar with new people. Here are some tips to be an excellent chubby chaser.

Don't mind about his or her weight.

It is the first thing you must keep in mind. Whether your partner is male or female, talking about their weight can be not a productive conversation. After all, the pressure will not be good conversation stuff when you talk with new friends you meet in the chubby chaser websites. You may want to proclaim your interest by saying things like "you're beautiful. I love BBW.", "I don't look folks by weight," "Weight does not matter." But the thing is that you don't need to them all. Especially on chubby chaser dating site, people will know although you don't say it out loud.

Fat people are people too.

Keep in mind that they are people, just like average people. So, you can't neglect the fact that considering them as special besides human can be wrong. You might wonder about how to approach the fat girl or guy on the dating site. Many people have a similar question. The answer is simple! Just do what you usually do when approaching any other person. They are real people with feelings. You can't exclude this fact from the equation.

You might get rejected.

Yes, just like a healthy relationship, you might get rejected by someone fat you meet in chubby chaser dating site. When it comes to dating rejection is normal. You can't expect that every fat person you meet will like you. Again, they are just the same as us. They are people.

Don't get the hurt feeling when they question your motives.

Fat people think that they will get an approach from someone who is looking for easy and desperate targets. Well, it is a fact that social stereotype dictates people that fat people are "sad." It is not true at all. They are happier than ordinary people. And if they question your motives, that means they want to know if you are serious in meeting them or not. It is a regular activity in the chubby chaser sites. So, don't get offended.