Chubby Dating Rules for Chubby Singles and Chubby Chasers

Posted by | Feb 28, 2019

Chubby Dating Rules for Chubby Singles and Chubby ChasersWhether you're a chubby single or chubby chaser, there are some basic chubby dating rules you should follow. Even though you've joined chubby chaser dating sites for a while, you need still to be aware of doing and don't do in the platform. Following the guidelines and etiquette would increase your chance of getting your dating. If you looking for a chubby dating soon, make sure you strictly follow these chubby dating rules.

Never Lying

First of all, never fake any information. If you don't want to share something, be honest but don't lie. Even physical information about your measurement, don't fake them. Besides, it's pretty clear that you're in chubby chaser websites where you no longer need to fake anything. You'll look more attractive if you always say the truth and it increases your chance of meeting like-minded people.

Never Discriminating

Never discriminate anyone at any forms and ways in chubby chaser sites if you want to attract more chubby singles. For example, never say something like "no black people", "no short people", and other discriminative expressions whether it's in your profile or when you're chatting. Instead, if you have some preferences, you can say it positively like "prefer to meet Asians" or "prefer tall people" but avoid any discriminating tones.

Be Humble and Polite

If you're using chubby chaser apps to get your date, never abuse it. Don't say harsh or offensive words to anyone you meet in the platform. Of course, you want to keep it natural, just stay away from those words and you can be your own self for the rest. Offensive words and behaviors are unacceptable at any time and places including at chubby chasers website with no exception. Instead, be humble and respective on any communications you're doing through the platforms.

Be A Good Listener

Whether you're a chubby single, chubby chaser or both, just be a good listener. Being a self-centered would ruin your chance of getting a real date. It's not all about yourself, being attentive would increase your personal valued either. Pay attention to what and when a person is talking to you. In other hands, you can always refer back to details on the information you've got from listening and it's very helpful to get a more effective communication.

Follow these five rules and you'll get your chubby dating soon enough. Don't forget to check the best chubby dating sites for the best experience.