Being Chubby and Getting a Great Guy

Posted by | Jun 22, 2017

Being Chubby and Getting a Great GuyAre you a girl who carries a little extra weight and want to know if you will ever get a guy? Do you ever wonder how bigger women can get gorgeous guys? Are you a chubby girl who wants a great guy? The first thing that you need to know is that chubby girls can get great guys, too. It's not just about the willowy ladies of the world. Sure, they have beautiful bodies, but they often have not so beautiful attitudes. You, on the other hand, are a great person who loves to have fun. You really know how to love a person and show them that they matter and it seems like you can't find a guy to give all that love to. There are lots of chubby chasers out there craving for your love.

First things first: Take a step back and slow down. Just because you're chubby doesn't mean that you aren't a woman. Being chubby doesn't make you unattractive or un-dateable. Chubby girls are just as date worthy and worth the love as any other woman, so what you need to do first is quite telling yourself that no one will want to date you. Here's a bulletin for you: Some men love chubby girls. Yes! It's true.

How can you get a great guy even if you are chubby? How can you go into chubby dating? It's easy, really. You have to know that you are beautiful too. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what's really there. Lots of chubbier women don't age as quickly as skinny women, so it's likely that your face looks younger than your thinner counterparts. Chubby women also tend to have shinier hair and more radiant skin. If you take care of yourself, you probably notice these things about yourself. Or, you notice other things about your body that are beautiful.

Not to mention your great personality. Okay, sometimes it's not fair, but the personality is what wins the prize and at the end do you really care if it's your personality or your looks? By being a fun person who really wants to get to know her guy, you will get a great guy who loves to spend time with you and doesn't care if you're a chubby girl.

Be fun and don't hesitate to let your award winning attitude through all the time. Sure, sometimes it can be tough to battle self doubt, but you didn't get to this point in your life by hiding under a rock. Don't do it now. When a great guy turns your way and wants to spend time with you accent the date and have a good time. Often, having fun and laughing and talking while letting your man see the real you can be far more rewarding for a man than to spend time with the girl who has the fabulous body, because it's likely that she knows it and wants everyone else to as well. She won't focus on him and that will leave him frustrated and looking elsewhere.

Take heart, there are millions of chubby girls in the world and lots of them have great guys, so take a new attitude and go get one of them for yourself.